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Dark Secret Books manages eBook and print book publications for MomsDarkSecret, whose yaoi stories may also be found on fanfiction.net and fictionpress.com. Use the links on the left to check out the latest publications by MomsDarkSecret, and drop by the Author Blog to get the latest news!

I finally completed publication of the commission story I did for yaoifix.com, Tentacles of Love. I originally wrote the first chapter of this story as a one-shot to prove that it was possible to write a tentacle sex story with a plot. My friend Rin Sparrow liked it so much that she asked me to write a full-length story. So after a stint on Rin's site entertaining her readers, I'm now bringing the story to the rest of my readers. I have updated the pages on the left with the appropriate links.

I completed the Dark Heart series with the publication of Dark Heart: Enlightenment. I have updated the pages to the left with the links to this final installment in the trilogy. The paperbacks are out now and I will have them for sale at Yaoicon in Oct 2017 and at SacAnime Winter 2018, for those of you who missed me at SanAnime Summer 2017.

My short story The Son of the Syndicate, with images by Rin Sparrow of yaoifix.com, is available in the Kindle store and on Lulu as an eBook or print book. Check the pages on the left for links to the story. Yaoifix is a subscription site with plenty of tasty yaoi stories by Rin and selected guest authors, including me. I highly recommend it.

Other News:

I've added a new page over in the left hand column: Companion Authors. I'll be posting links on this page to books written under other pen names. There's just one there at the moment, but check back periodically. I may add other books as time goes by.

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